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Travel Tips for the Amputees and Brace Users

Traveling can be even more enjoyable for individuals wearing orthotic or prosthetic devices if you plan ahead to deal with challenges that will likely confront you.
Before leaving on a trip, make sure that your prosthesis is in tip-top shape by doing the following:

  • Clean your socket

  • Check for tears and glue separation in the seams of your liner

  • Inspect Velcro for frayed edges or weakness of grip

  • Have all of your components tightened.

    To make sure that you and your prosthesis remain in good condition throughout your trip, pack

  • Extra prosthetic socks in your carry-on and checked luggage

  • Extra screws, screwdrivers and other hardware. You may run into difficulty having these in your carry-on bag, so you may need to tighten all screws before you leave and pack extra screws and screwdrivers in your checked luggage

  • Plastic bags to protect your prosthesis against sand and water

  • Two sets of prescription medication-one in your carry on and one in your checked luggage

  • Skin creams to treat rashes or irritations

  • A handicapped placard, if you have one. You can use this placard anywhere in the United Stated, even in a rental car, so don’t leave home with out it.

    When making flight arrangements, request bulkhead seating. These seats are at the front of every section of the aircraft and typically have more leg room. Allow an airport employee to push you to and from your flight in a wheelchair. By doing this, you can usually jump to the head of the security line and save yourself the energy and discomfort of a long walk to your gate. Wear easy-to-slip-on shoes and loose-fitting clothing that will make it easy to show your prosthesis at security
    Ask for a supervisor if you are having an unusual amount of difficulty at security
    Use the airport restroom before boarding
    Take advantage of the opportunity to pre-board your flight.
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