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Patients First Visit

When you first contact one of our offices, our receptionist will inquire as to your specific bracing or prosthetic needs. We will request information about your prescription and your insurance. We will also attempt to schedule an appointment time that is most convenient to you. 

Please bring a CURRENT copy of your insurance information with you. Arriving a few minutes before your scheduled appointment is recommended. These extra minutes give you time to fill out any necessary paperwork, including a registration form, which can be accessed here.  Even if you have been to our office before, it is advisable to be early: we may need to update your patient information. It is also helpful to wear comfortable clothing during your first visit.

While we try to stay on schedule as much as possible, we do sometimes fall behind. We ask for your understanding if this is the case when you visit. Remember, if it were you or your child, you would want us to take as long as necessary to ensure that the orthotic or prosthetic device he or she was receiving fit and functioned properly and to its highest capability. You will be given the same high level of care and attention during your visit.

During your first visit to our office, one of our practitioners will assess your condition and the orthotic or prosthetic device you need. The more information our practitioner has to work with, the more effective they will be in creating a device appropriate to your needs. 

Following the initial evaluation, a cast-mold-impression and measurements will be taken for the device that you need. Once the mold has dried sufficiently it will be gently removed. This allows us to fabricate the device as required.

You will return to our office for one or more fitting appointments. Some devices may require adjustments in order to fit and function to their fullest. Usually these adjustments can be made on the spot and a short wait is all that is required. Some devices are more complicated and require more in depth adjustment and / or multiple visits for completion.

The type of device and its complexity will determine the number of visits required for completion. Prosthetic devices typically require several visits for completion. We understand it can be a frustrating process and will do our utmost to finish as rapidly as possible. These extra visits enable us to provide you with the device which best meets your specific needs and goals.

Please download our Patient Registration Form

These professional fees are based upon your time spent with the prosthetist or orthotist in helping to assess your needs. The fees are designed to cover the costs of communication with other providers involved in your care, documentation and records storage. Medicare does NOT cover these initial visit fees. Initial visit fees may or may not be covered by your private insurance. They may be denied as not medically necessary or as non-covered benefits. These professional fees are your personal financial responsibility and are due and payable at the time of your visit. Within thirty (30) days of your first visit, should you elect to proceed with the prescribed services as recommended, this initial fee is applied towards the cost of the prescribed device.
Please direct any questions to our office manager at (805) 687-7508.

Thank you for your assistance.
Ralph W. Nobbe, CPO
Nobbe Orthopedics,Inc

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