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I am a below the knee amputee but this has not interfered with my adventurous life.  A working father of two daughters and a husband to one extraordinary wife, Ralph takes on a huge responsibility in keeping limitations out of my life.  From dropping down snowy steeps off of chair 22 at Mammoth, or hiking up to find fresh tracks, scuba diving at the Channel Islands, to quick 5 mile hikes with the family in Yosemite and trekking around Europe with a 60lb backpack. Life is an adventure around every corner! No limitations and a good fitting make my every day go round!!!! Knowing I can count on Ralph to fix me up when I break down helps me to keep charging forward at full speed.  When my co-workers have no idea about my disability and we are working side by side it makes it hard for me to realize that I even have a disability. A good fitting and a spicy life keep me on my toes.
Thanks Ralph

Damion Miller (BK Amputee)

Laurens Family

We have been blessed with two healthy and adorable daughters. The first to enter our world in 2006 was Emily, our spirited 2 year old. In 2008 came Lauren...sunny side up! Shortly after Lauren was born we discovered that the back of her head towards the right seemed flat. We took our concerns to our pediatric office and from there saw a specialist in cranial reformation. She was diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly and torticollis. We did physical therapy to correct the torticollis and was referred to Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. in Santa Barbara for treatment regarding her deformational plagiocephaly.

We were told the treatment for her condition would require a laser scan of her head, and for her to wear a helmet, called The Star Band, 23 hours a day for approximately four months with follow up appointments every two weeks.  The laser scan took moments to complete and before we knew it we were reviewing the results. The thought of Lauren wearing a helmet for an hour made us nervous...let alone 23 hours a day, Oh my! We were told she would handle it just fine...most babies do. And to our amazement she did. We not only felt lucky that her adjustment went so well, but that this treatment is offered to babies with this kind of condition.
From October 2008 to January 2009 we worked with wonderful staff at Nobbe Orthopedic, Inc. to help properly shape our daughters head. We could not have asked for nicer, kinder, more helpful, generous, or patient people to work with. We have now completed the treatment process, which took less time than originally thought, and are thrilled with the results! Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. is so dear to our hearts. Our expectations were met far and beyond our imagination. Thanks to Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. and their team our daughter now has a beautifully shaped head that we are so grateful for.

Hethar Winkler, Mom of Lauren