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You have been fitted with a highly supportive back brace. It is designed to restrict specific motions. Proper use and wear are required to obtain desired function. Frequent follow-up is required to maintain desired function. This device cannot provide absolute protection against additional injury.

The following suggestions will help maximize brace comfort and function.

  1. Wear brace as directed by physician.

  2. Brace should be applied before getting out of bed unless instructed otherwise

  3. Weight changes will affect brace fit. Call office to schedule a brace

  4. Always wear an under-shirt or similar garment to help protect the skin. Change this shirt daily or more frequently if perspiration is a problem.

  5. Keep brace clean by wiping with a damp sponge.

  6. Spinal braces are most comfortable and effective when worn snugly. This will help reduce slippage and rubbing.

  7. Fasten the straps near the bottom first, then work towards the top.

  8. Re-tighten straps throughout the day to maintain proper snugness.

  9. Any frayed or torn straps, loose padding or hardware should be repaired

  10. Do Not Operate Any Motor Vehicle. Spinal braces restrict your vision, mobility and reaction times.

  11. Return to Orthotists for brace check two (2) weeks after initial fitting. Subsequent appointments should be made to coincide with your physician appointments.

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