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You have been fitted with a functional fracture bracing device. This brace is designed to support fracture instability during healing. Proper use and wear are critical to obtain desired results. Frequent follow-up and adjustment are required. This device does not provide absolute protection against further injury.

The following suggestions will help maximize comfort and brace function.

  1. Wear brace only as directed.

  2. Fracture braces are designed to be adjustable NOT removable.

  3. Changes in weight and/or muscle tone will affect brace fitting and function.
    Adjustment may be required.

  4. Always wear a clean, dry liner sock as provided under brace. Socks should be
    changed as indicated by physician or orthotist. Assistance will be required to
    change socks.

  5. Oxford or athletic shoes must be worn at all times (leg braces).

  6. Slings or harnesses should be worn as directed (arm braces).

  7. Any frayed, torn straps or loose hardware should be repaired immediately.

  8. Irritation, redness, unusual swelling or pain should be brought to your physicians attention.

  9. Fracture braces are most effective when worn snugly. Wear as instructed.

  10. Return for brace check and re-adjustment after two (2) weeks.

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