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Patient Instructions for Wearing Your Cervical Collar

Proper wearing of your collar will increase the quality of your treatment. Below are a few general guidelines to assist you with your cervical collar:

Miami-J Collar

The front section should overlap with the outside of the back section.

Aspen Collar

When engaged the Patented Occipital Support Trap™ customizes the fit.

Fitting for both collars is the same. Your chin should rest in the chin cavity. The rigid support in the back should be placed directly over your spine.

To ensure a comfortable fit each time you apply your cervical collar, mark the position of the end of the Velcro fasteners on the first application. When reapplying, or if the collar loosens, tighten to this mark.

General Information

Purpose of Your Brace
Your brace was prescribed by your physician to support your head and neck as you move around during your daily activities. Additional support for your upper-back may be provided, depending on the style of brace prescribed. Your doctor will tell you how long to wear your device.

Cleaning Your Collar
Your plastic collar (excluding the liner, if applicable) should be washed everyday using soap and water on a cloth. Make sure all the soap is wiped off and that your collar is thoroughly dry before putting it back on, as skin irritations may result. Rubbing alcohol may be used to help destroy any bacteria that may be present, as well as to assist in removing any soap residue.

Your collar may have a removable hypo-allergenic sheepskin liner. This liner may be cleaned in warm water and mild soap. But make sure it is completely dry before replacing it in your collar. The liner need not be cleaned everyday; daily washing of your neck and chest will help keep the liner in good condition.

Special Instructions
It is very important to consult your doctor for specific instructions regarding bathing, eating, and other daily activities during your treatment.

Wearing Your Cervical Thoracic Collar

Comfort while wearing your brace is just as important as proper wearing of the device. Below are helpful hints to assist you with your cervical thoracic collar

Your chin should rest comfortably on the lined chin-piece, while your head remains immobilized by the piece behind your head.

The Minerva collar has head straps to provide additional support and to keep your head immobilized throughout your treatment. The SOMI collar has an optional head-strap, to be used for extra support should you need to remove the chin-support for any reason.

Your brace should fit snugly, but you should still be able to breathe normally. The Velcro straps may be tightened or loosened to ensure a comfortable and proper fit.


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