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Your knee brace was designed to protect and support instability. Proper fit, maintenance and correct use are required to obtain desired function. No brace can provide absolute protection against additional injury, particularly in high-velocity or contact sports.

The following suggestions will help maximize comfort and brace performance.

  1. Wear brace only as instructed. Be sure you understand how to correctly apply this device.

  2. If slippage or migration is noted, STOP your activity. Remove the brace check
    positioning and re-apply correctly.

  3. Salt water or perspiration should be removed and rinsed off immediately with clean fresh water. Most custom knee braces are water resistant but frequent exposure to salt, sand or dirt will cause premature wear. Keep it clean.

  4. Lubricate hinges as directed.

  5. Any frayed or torn straps, loose hinges or hardware should be repaired immediately.

  6. Changes in weight and/or muscle tone will affect brace fitting and function. Have brace checked for proper fit.

  7. Any irritations or undue pressures should be corrected or adjusted to restore fit.

  8. Return for a brace check after two (2) weeks.

  9. Use in contact sports may require special padding to protect other players from injury, check with the appropriate officials for each sport application.

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