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Proprio Foot ™

Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. was chosen to be one of 10 clinics world-wide to test the Proprio Foot™ and the second site in California.

Proprio Foot

This is the world’s first intelligent and motor-powered foot module for below-the-knee (transtibial) amputees.  It enables the amputee to walk confidently knowing that with each step their foot will perceive where it is and act accordingly by lifting the toe to accommodate the terrain.

Ossur, a global leader in advanced prosthetics, utilized artificial intelligence and cutting edge sensor technology to offer unmatched benefits for transtibial amputees. The PROPRIO FOOT™ was given its name for its ability to detect where the foot is in space – proprioception – thus enabling it to identify slopes and stairs after the first step, and then instructing the ankle to flex appropriately.  Users place their foot on a step when climbing or descending stairs and it automatically adapts its ankle position to enable the next step.  This active ankle motion also allows wearers to more easily sit down or rise from a chair.  The foot’s anatomically correct response creates a more symmetrical and balanced gait, reducing the need both to “hip hike” and to load the entire body weight on the sound limb.

Despite its advanced technology, the PROPRIO FOOT™ is user-friendly and is easy to set up and operate.  During a simple calibration process, in 15 steps, the device evaluates and memorizes an individual’s unique gait pattern.  Heel height can be adjusted at any time without compromising alignment. 

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