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Plie 2.0 Knee

Plie 2.0 Knee


Plie 2.0 Knee


Plie 2.0, the Worlds Most Responsive MPC Knee

Made by Freedom Innovations

By integrating high-performance processing capabilities and a cutting-edge hydraulic system, the Plié 2.0 is the most responsive MPC knee ever developed.

Rapid Reaction to Gait Changes

A finely tuned control system enables the Plié 2.0 to respond to ambulatory stimuli within 10 milliseconds. Consequently, users can stay in stance phase longer, take smaller steps and change walking speeds more fluidly.

Advanced Stumble Recovery Capabilities

A proprietary position sensor and patent-pending load cell built into the frame of the Plié 2.0 provide input to advanced algorithms utilized by the microprocessor to control stance and swing, and stumble recovery parameters.

Optimized Swing Flexion Resistance

The hydraulic cylinder changes resistance in response to a highly reactive, solenoid-activated spool valve that opens and closes in 10 milliseconds. Resistance is controlled by pressure and position rather than speed

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