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Harmony® NEW!

TEC® is excited to announce a prosthetic breakthrough! Intensive research  exploring residual limb volume fluctuation evolved into a new technology  called VASS™ – Vacuum Assisted Socket System. This technology is available  in the TEC Harmony™ products.

The Harmony® products will:

  • Control volume fluctuation
  • Reduce forces to the residual limb and liner
  • Increase suspension and proprioception

The VASS technology in concert with human physiology creates an elevated  vacuum between the liner and the socket wall. The elevated vacuum promotes  natural fluid exchange that regulates volume fluctuation in the residual  limb.

Independent studies indicate a daily volume loss of 6-12% in the residual  limb (wearing liner, sealing sleeve and expulsion valve). The same sample  group (with VASS technology) lost less than 1% of residual limb volume.

The Harmony® reduces forces to the limb and the liner with the shock  absorbing motion and by maintaining volume for a consistent socket fit.

The elevated vacuum increases suspension and proprioception. The enhanced  linkage decreases weight and promotes an improved gait.

The Harmony® product is patent pending and available in two forms.

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