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C-Leg: Creating a New Standard for Prosthetic Control

Otto Bock Health Care introduced the C-Leg microprocessor-controlled knee-shin system to the United States in 1999. Since then, hundreds of wearers have benefited from this quantum leap in prosthetics - a dramatic improvement over all other prosthetic knees. Featuring unique microprocessor swing and stance phase control, its customized settings and constant readjustments, the C-Leg is truly one of a kind. The efficiency of the C-Leg's swing phase dynamics, even at varying walking speeds and uneven terrain, provides a more secure, natural, and efficient gait. 

Getting started is easy. Using a PC-based custom software, a C-Leg Qualified Prosthetist customizes the C-Leg's settings to fit the individual's optimal gait pattern. The wearer is also trained and observed while walking on level and uneven terrain, and down stairs. In addition, a second set of settings can be created for a different activity, which the wearer can access by simply tapping their toe - offering choice without mechanical changes! 

The Technology that offers Day-to-Day Stability

Otto Bock's highest priority when developing the C-Leg was to provide optimal stability during the gait cycle. Using unique algorithms developed from studying how thousands of people walk, combined with input from multiple built-in sensors, the microprocessor determines the phase of gait. Then, automatic adjustments are made to the knee's function to provide stability -- right when it is needed. 

Here's how it works:

  • Force sensors in the pylon detect loading of the foot and ankle.

  • Additional sensors read the precise angle of the knee joint.

  • This data, along with swing speed input, is read 50 times per second by the on-board microprocessor.
The result is increased stability, ease of swing, and greater efficiency with every step! There's even a knee-disarticulation version available. 

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