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Amputee running with artificial limb
Amputee skateboarding with artificial limb


Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive prosthetic services to all levels of amputation. We can provide pre-amputation consultation to help in level selection and pre-op patient and family education. Our goal is restoration of function in a cost-effective manner. 

  • Immediate Post-Op/ Early Post-Op Fittings
    Pre-prosthetic, post -amputation management
    Shrinker socks
    Removable rigid dressings

  • Hip disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy
    Helix 3D Hip

  • Partial Foot Prostheses-Combined with Extra Depth Shoes

  • Below Knee
    Ultralight (graphite & composite systems)
    Geriatric systems
    Proprio Foot ™
    Harmony® Vacuum Assisted Socket System

  • Above the Knee
    Flexible socket systems
    Hydraulic and Electronic knee systems
    - Plie 2.0 MPC Knee
    - Otto Bock C-Leg

  • Upper Limb
    All facets including myoelectrics
    The i-LIMB ™ System

  • Pediatric Specialist

  • Mastectomy Services
    Lymphedema sleeves
    Breast prostheses / bras

Prosthetic FAQs for Amputees