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Breast Cancer Resources


Undergoing a mastectomy is a challenging physical, mental and emotional journey.  Providing private, empathetic and personalized attention, Nobbe Orthopedics is proud to assist your progress in returning to a pre-surgical life, such as running, swimming, golfing, working, playing, or all of the above.  Life is yours again when you are free to do any activity naturally and comfortably.

Comprehensive Breast Care Services:

Our mastectomy fitters have extensive training and experience in providing these highly specialized prosthetic services. These range from early post-operative fittings, edema control of upper limb, insurance verification and billing, and fitting of definitive breast forms. Consultations and fittings are available in our Santa Barbara and Santa Maria offices by appointment.


Mastectomy prostheses are applicable following radical or partial mastectomy, lumpectomies and as alternatives to surgical reconstruction. Partial forms are available that can be used to correct volume and profile asymmetries due to congenital deformity such as scoliosis and kyphosis and following breast reduction surgery.


Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc. maintains an extensive local inventory of high quality products that meet insurance coverage guidelines. We can select prostheses from over 30 vendors. Mastectomy forms are available in numerous sizes, shapes, profiles, densities, materials and colors to allow a truly individualized prosthetic fitting. Specialized mastectomy bras are available in stock and by special order. Mastectomy bras incorporate a pocket or other attachments to suspend and retain the prosthesis against the torso. To properly support the prosthesis, these must be fitted correctly and be the correct type for the breast form style. Our staff combines the sensitivity, skill and training to assist patients with appropriate item selection, providing a successful body image restoration. 

Athletic Wear:

This includes sports bras and swimwear, allow mastectomy survivors to enjoy unlimited opportunities for recreational activities.

Early Post-Operative Fittings:

These fittings may be completed in the hospital prior to discharge using a camisole/vest that incorporates an ultra light breast form. These help to maintain surgical dressing position and can apply light compression for edema control at the surgical site. They serve to maintain body image in the early post-operative stages prior to fitting with definitive silicone prosthesis. Edema control for the upper limb is frequently required using either compression garments or wrapping techniques.


Medicare, HMOs and private insurance cover most basic silicone breast forms and mastectomy bras. Medical necessity replacements are covered for weight gain/loss and following additional surgical procedures.

Premium Options:

There are several "premium" alternatives available for the more discriminating patient. These may include direct-to-skin adhesive systems, custom coloration and complete custom silicone designs. A custom silicone lifelike breast form is anatomically realistic and includes matched nipple, areola, shading and airbrush coloration with texture and density matching. These are so realistic that a bra-less lifestyle can frequently be resumed. However, these "premium" options are generally not covered benefits by insurance plans and can incur additional cost.


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